Zoning Facts


The Zoning Code regulates the type of activity that may occur within specific geographic areas of the city. By extension, zoning laws determine the placement of structures on a given site. While there are subcategories, land uses can be grouped under 3 general categories: residential, commercial and industrial. 

More detailed information on zoning code and districts can be found online at  
City of Niles Zoning Code

Zoning Staff performs zoning clearance reviews and coordinates the rezoning and zoning variance processes. 

The Zoning Section consists of the following 3 units: 

Responsible for researching, maintaining and updating the  
City of Niles Zoning Code as well as handling various special projects and research requests. 

Responsible for ensuring that all development and redevelopment is in compliance with the zoning code. A certificate of zoning clearance is required prior to the construction or alteration of any building or structure, the establishment, change or modification in the use of any building, structure or land. 

Changes to Zoning are governed by the Planning Commission. For more information please see the related ordinances.