The McKinley Birthplace Home

McKinley Birthplace Museum

Mission Statement:

The National McKinley Birthplace Memorial Museum is dedicated to honoring the memory of President McKinley through preservation, exhibition, and interpretation of historical artifacts.

Vision Statement:

The National McKinley Birthplace Memorial Museum seeks to educate the community and promote an understanding of President McKinley’s life, career, and untimely death, along with the history of the McKinley Birthplace Memorial Building.

Ward - Thomas House Museum (Niles Historical Society)

Built in 1862, the Ward Thomas House was the home of two prominent Niles industrial families. James Ward, who built the house, was a pioneer in the iron industry in the Mahoning Valley. He built puddling plants, Falcon Nail and Iron Company and the Russia mill for manufacturing steel.

The second owners were John and Margaret Thomas who came to this country from Wales. The Thomas family founded the Niles Firebrick Company and later, Mahoning Valley Steel. The Thomas family occupied the house until 1969 when the property was deeded to the City of Niles. Through the efforts of Clare Westenfield, a local attorney, the house became the home of the Niles Historical Society.