Service Director

The Service Director shall have the responsibility for construction, improvement, and maintenance of all public works, buildings, grounds, cemeteries, parks, roads, streets, and all other public places of the Municipality, and the collection and disposal of waste. He shall have charge of, and shall supervise the maintenance of all Municipal property and equipment, and the storage of all materials and supplies. He shall be responsible for the issuance of all building and zoning permits, supervise the administration and enforcement of the zoning and building ordinances, and perform such other duties as Council may require.


  • Work with the Mayor and City Department Heads for day-to-day operations within the City
  • Coordinate City projects with engineers, contractors, and staff
  • Code Enforcement
  • Building / Zoning permits

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City Building

34 West State Street

Niles, Ohio 44446

330-544-9000 x 1150


Monday – Friday

8:30 AM – 4 PM

Anthony Flarey

Service Director