The Auditors office is in charge of handling all financial areas of the City of Niles. Managing budgets, paying bills and authorizing vendors who do work with and for the City.


  • Issuance of all debt and debt administration
  • Maintaining the city’s fixed asset records
  • Managing and investing all city funds
  • Preparing and publishing the city’s Annual Financial Report
  • Processing all city expenditures, this includes reviewing and processing all purchase orders, auditing all invoices received for payment and issuing payments for the city in compliance with local ordinances, state law, and city contracts
  • Processing the city’s payroll and the maintenance of all payroll records¬†

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City Building

34 West State Street

Niles, Ohio 44446

330-544-9000 x 1120


Monday – Friday

8 AM – 4 PM

Giovanne R. Merlo


Nikki S. Bacak

Deputy Auditor