The Niles Greenway Bike Path

Trail History

The City of Niles four-mile trail was completed in 2012. The trail originates from Church Street near downtown and follows a rail right of way out of the city, through Weathersfield Township, and end at the county line where the Mill Creek Metro Parks Bikeway begins. The trail also features a trail head with a shelter pavilion and restroom facilities. As part of the planning for the project, the State of Ohio assisted the city in attaining right of way for sections of an underutilized rail corridor that could serve as a connection between the Niles Greenway and the Warren Bikeway.

The Niles Greenway is a paved, multi-use path running north–south between the county line on the south and the town of Niles. The pleasant trail passes through a mix of wooded areas, scattered light industrial estates and a few suburban back yards.

The trail offers easy access to downtown Niles, Meander Creek Reservoir and an off-road route between Niles and towns south, including Austintown and Canfield. From the trail’s southern end at County Line Road, you can continue a short ways farther south than Canfield along the MetroParks Bikeway for seamless ride.

Parking and Trail Access
At the northern end, park in the lot on E. Church Street (off E. State St.). At the southern end, park in a small lot off Depot Steet just west of Township Hwy 557.

Park Includes:

  1. Niles-Greenway bike path and trail head hours: Dawn to Dusk
  2. Keep to the right; pass on the left. Let others know when you are passing. Avoid blocking the Greenway path for other users.
  3. Yield to traffic intersections.
  4. No motor vehicles.
  5. Alcoholic beverages and controlled substances are prohibited on or around the Greenway path or Niles-Greenway trail head.
  6. Obey posted signs.
  7. Do not litter; Deposit trash in receptacles at Niles-Greenway trail head.
  8. Use designated parking areas; illegally parked vehicles can be cited.
  9. Do not trespass on private property adjoining the Greenway path.
  10. No hunting or fishing on, from, or across the Greenway path.
  11. Leash pets; cleanup after their droppings.
  12. Do not disturb or feed wildlife along the Greenway path.
  13. No disorderly conduct on or around the Greenway path or Niles-Greenway trail head.

Niles City Ordinance 160.01


North End Parking

South End Parking

Corner or of E. Church St. and E. State St.

Niles, OH 44446

Near the Corner of Depot St. & Edwards st.

Mineral Ridge, OH 44440


Parks Department

330-544-9000 X 1140


Monday – Friday

8 AM – 4 PM