Housing & Zoning FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Permits are required for all significant site development, new construction, major repairs, alterations, and additions, which include structural, plumbing, mechanical and electrical changes. For more information, review permit requirements.

Generally, plans, specifications and energy report forms are required for any significant site development, new building, addition or alteration to an existing building. For more information, review permit requirements. Note: An Ohio registered architect or professional engineer must prepare plans and associated construction documents for new construction and major alteration work for buildings and structures regulated by the Ohio Building Code.

All types of construction including new construction, additions and accessory buildings such as garages and pole buildings require a Zoning Permit before a construction permit can be acquired from the City of Niles Housing & Zoning Department. Porches, decks & small storage buildings also require a Zoning Permit.

A Zoning Permit is required so that the City is assured that you will perform your construction within the setbacks established by Ordinance. 

You will need your name, address, phone number, along with the use of the proposed construction project will serve, such as a new home, garage for residence, addition to home, etc. You will also need to provide a site plan drawing which will indicate the size of the property, distance of the construction from the road or street, side property lines, rear property lines and distance to any other existing buildings.

Yes,  please contact the Housing & Zoning Department with any questions; especially with regards to larger commercial developments a per-application meeting is encouraged.

The City of Niles enforces its Zoning Ordinance through the Housing & Zoning Department. Concerns with regards to zoning violations can be directed to this department. A complaint form is located on the Housing & Zoning web page. 

A sign permit is required for:

  • All new signs
  • Structural changes to existing signs
  • Message changes to existing signs
  • Relocation of existing signs
  • Banners (allowed only temporarily for 30 days maximum)

According to City Ordinance, the allowed square footage for a sign is according to the zoning district you are located in.