Recycling – Please visit the Republic Services website for more details.

Resident Rates (Parks and Recreation programming) – Please see the Wellness Center page.

Road Projects – Click here or call the Niles Street Department at 330-544-9000 x 1190.


Schools – For information about the Niles City School District, call 330-652-2509 or click here.

Senior Transportation – See Transportation page.

Service Requests – Click here to submit service requests online.

Sewer (Waste Water) Service – The City of Niles’ Sewer and Wastewater Department services all of Niles. Residents with questions about their bill should call 330-544-9000 x 1150. Residents with sewer problems should call the Niles Sewer and Wastewater Department at 330-544-9000 X 3101.

Signs – Please contact the Mayor’s office for more information at 330-544-9000 x 1100.

A sign permit is required for:

  • All new signs
  • Structural changes to existing signs
  • Message changes to existing signs
  • Relocation of existing signs
  • Banners (allowed only temporarily for 30 days maximum)

Shelter Reservations (Parks) – Shelters located in the Niles parks system can be reserved for a fee, for pricing click here. To reserve a shelter, call 330-544-9000 x 1140.

Smoking Ban – Smoking is prohibited in all places of public assembly. For information about Niles’ smoke-free ordinance, see Codified Ordinances Chapter 521 (Ord. 521.10).

Snow Removal – Call the Niles Street Department at 330-544-9000 x 1190 for snow removal information.

Snow Removal Tips –

  • Residents and businesses are reminded that they are responsible for keeping walkways in front of their homes and businesses clear of snow and ice.
  • If snow must be shoveled out to the road, it should be piled to the right-hand side of the driveway (on two-way streets). This allows the plow to reach the snow pile after it passes the drive, pushing less snow back into the driveway; and if a snowplow damages a mailbox, inform the Street Department at 330-544-9000 x 1190.

Street Light Outage – Call the Niles Electric Division at 330-544-9000 X 1160 to report a street light outage.

Street Maintenance – The City performs pavement maintenance on roads within the City Limits on a schedule that is established based on funding and condition. For more information, click here or contact the Niles Street Department at 330-544-9000 x 1190. 

Storm Drainage – For questions or concerns relating to storm drainage, contact the Sewer and Wastewater Department at 330-544-9000 X 3101.


Tax (Income) – Niles’ income tax rate is 2.00%. The mandatory tax filing policy requires all adult residents (18 years of age and older) and businesses within Niles City Limits file City income tax returns. The City of Niles joined the Regional Income Tax Agency, also known as R.I.T.A. to begin the collection of taxes for the City of Niles effective January 1, 2017. Click here or call 1-800-860-7482.

Tax (Property) – The City of Niles does not collect property taxes. County governments collect property taxes on behalf of all taxing districts within their borders. For more information, contact the Trumbull County Treasurer’s Office at (330) 675-2436.

Tornado Sirens – Tornado sirens in Niles are controlled by the Trumbull County Emergency Management Agency and tested each Wednesday at noon. When the weather authority issues a tornado watch (conditions are right but none have been spotted), no alarm will sound. When the weather authority issues a tornado warning (an actual tornado has been sighted) the siren will sound for three minutes and shut off for seven minutes. This sequence will continue until the immediate danger has passed. There is no “all clear” signal.

Traffic Engineering – Call 330-544-9000 x 1171 to discuss any Niles pedestrian, speeding, traffic congestion, traffic cut-through, traffic signal operation or parking concerns.

Traffic Sign/Signal Repair – Call the Niles Electric Department at 330-544-9000 X 1160 to report missing traffic signs. Call Niles Development Division at 330-544-9000 x 1171 to report malfunctioning traffic signals. Call the Niles Division of Police non-emergency number at 330-652-9944 to report missing traffic signs or non-functioning traffic signals, which could cause accidents.

Traffic Tickets – Parking tickets and moving violations issued by the Niles Division of Police are paid at Niles Municipal Court, 15 East State Street.

Trash Collection – Residents shall not place trash receptacles or rubbish at the curb prior to noon before regularly scheduled trash pick-up. Receptacles or bulk items need to be removed from the curb no later than 12 hours after pick-up per Niles City Ordinance 951.07. To schedule bulk pick-up, please contact Republic Services.

Trash (Large Item Disposal) – For more information please contact Republic Services. Items that cannot be collected by law include those containing EPA-monitored refrigerants, such as air conditioners and refrigerators.

Trash (Christmas Tree Disposal) – Trees are collected at the curb on regular yard waste collection days after Christmas.  Trees should not be placed in plastic tree bags.  Please remove all garlands and decorations. For more information, click here or call the Niles Street Department at 330-544-9000 x 1190.

Tree Pruning – Please see ordinance 901.06.

Tree Storm Damage – Upon notice, the City will remove any tree or limb from a street tree that has fallen during a storm. Call the Niles Street Department at 330-544-9000 x 1190 between 8 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. or the Niles Division of Police non-emergency number at 330-652-9944 after 4:30 p.m. to report such occurrences. Private property owners are responsible for removing trees or branches that fall from their property onto any public or private property.

Tree Trimming & Electric Lines – To ensure public safety, the Niles Electric Department trims and removes trees near live electrical lines, whether on private or public property. For more information, call the Electric Department at 330-544-9000 X 1160.


Utility Services – Electric, sewer, and water services are supplied by the City of Niles. Rate information for each service is available upon request or on our website at www.thecityofniles.com/services/billing/

Utility Billing customer service staff is located at 34 West State Street and is available from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, to answer any questions you may have regarding your utility service charges. The utility customer service phone number is 330-544-9000 x 1150.

Payments are accepted in-house; in the form of cash, check, credit card, or money order. Online payments are accepted by visiting the “BillPay” section of the City website (thecityofniles.com). All online payments or in-person payments require a credit/debit card processing fee of $2.95 up to $118.00 or 2.5% of the payment made. Any check or ACH draft that is NSF will require a $35.00 charge.


Voter Information – To learn more about your voter responsibilities, your voting options, information on your local elections, and to find your polling location– please visit MyOhioVote.com


Water Service – See Utilities page.

Water System Maintenance – The Niles Water Department maintains and repairs all water mains, valves and fire hydrants. Call 330-544-9000 X 3101.

Water Treatment Plant – The Mahoning Valley Sanitary District water system treats the water to meet drinking water supply quality standards, but no single treatment technique can address all potential contaminants. The potential for water quality impacts can further be decreased by measures to protect Meander Creek Reservoir and its watershed. More detailed information is provided in the Mahoning Valley Sanitary District’s Drinking Water Source Assessment Report, which can be obtained by calling John Nemet at (330)652-3614. The MVSD Meander Creek Reservoir Drinking Water Source Protection Plan is available at the meanderwater.org website by clicking on the link for Administration Public Records.

Water Testing – Niles’ water supply is monitored continuously and tested  to ensure that it meets or exceeds Ohio Environmental Protection Agency standards.


Yard Waste – Please contact the Street Department regarding brush chipping and leaf collection. 330-544-9000 x 1190


Zoning Regulations – Land areas within Niles are zoned for single family dwellings, multi-family units, offices, commercial and industrial uses. Zoning information is available through the Ordinances & Zoning section on the City website.