Specification for Sludge Hauling and Disposal

 For The City of Niles, Ohio

Wastewater Treatment Facility


                       999 Summit Street Ext.                                                                             


Duration:  March 1, 2023 to March 1 , 2025


Hauling Bid:               Haul rate per load including fuel surcharge.



Disposal Bid:              Any all fees including but not limited to inspection fees, County, State, Federal and EPA fees. Disposal fees at the landfill are to be stated and part of bid.  Shall be quoted per ton. And a separate hauling fee must   be submitted. Award will be based on total cost to the city.


Liner Bid:                   One (1) liner per box.



Location:                    The disposal site must be within 40 miles of the Niles WWTP and be approved                                  by the Ohio EPA for Municipal Sludge Disposal.        


Provision:                   Contractor will provide two (2) well maintained 20 cubic yard roll off boxes.                              

Other:                         Roll off dumpster will be in place in the solids building no later than 7:00 am daily,                                  generally Monday -Thursday. One roll off dumpster per day is needed with exceptions when 2 rolls offs per day will be needed. In the case of 2 rolls offs per day the provider will switch out roll offs at noon, with the second empty roll off being in place at the same time,  or as other specified times determined by the City of Niles. The city of Niles may adjust these times.

Penalty for delay:        Contractor is responsible for meeting the deadline times of 7:00am and Noon for box switch-outs at the City’s discretion.  If Contractor is late, the financial penalty of $ ___150  per occurrence will be assessed.

The award will be based on total cost to the city per ton and the hauling per load cost. The city has the right to accept or refuse any bid.