Pump Station RFQ




The City of Niles, Ohio  is seeking Request for Qualifications (SOQ) from engineering consultants qualified to provide professional services in the form of design for the upgrade of sanitary pump stations, as well as the bidding, construction management, and resident project representation for the projects.

Design will be based on the 2022 Condition Assessment and Improvements Study.

Sealed proposals will be received by the City of Niles Auditor’s Office in the City Hall, 34 West State Street, Niles Ohio, until 11:30 a.m. on April 22, 2022. Envelopes should be clearly marked “Request for Qualifications for Engineering Consultants Services to provide Design Services for Sanitary Pump Stations Improvements.” Consultants must present their statement of qualifications in a neat and orderly fashion and not exceed ten single sided pages (five double‐sided pages) in length.  Cover letter, covers (front and back), and dividers will not be included in the page count. The City will not accept electronic submissions.

The City of Niles will not consider late submittals.

Statements of Qualifications shall provide the following information:

  • Narrative that describes the consultant’s qualifications and understanding of the services for which the City of Niles is requesting assistance;
  • Summaries of similar projects which demonstrate the experience and qualifications of the consultant and the consultant’s team members;
  • Resumes for the consultant’s proposed design team members.  Individual resumes shall not exceed one page for each person.

A completed and signed Non‐Discrimination Affirmation Form (Attachment A)

CONSULTANT SELECTION: A selection committee consisting of City of Niles staff will choose, in its opinion, the most qualified consultant to provide engineering services under this procurement action.

The City of Niles may decide to select a consultant directly upon review of RFQs received, or it may elect to perform a round of interviews to aid in the determination.

Once a selection is made, the City and selected consultant will negotiate the scope of work and fee. Note that additional scope and fee for additional individual project task orders and/or new projects will be negotiated individually as the need for such services is identified and directed by the City.

If the City is unable to negotiate a satisfactory contract with the initially selected consultant, it will formally terminate negotiations with that consultant and choose another party to with which to negotiate.  The City of Niles will continue this process until they reach an agreement or cancel the process.  The City of Niles reserves the right to reject any or all bids.


Direct questions or requests for additional information to:

Paul J. Joseph, Superintendent


Subject line should read “Request for Qualifications”

330-544-9010 ext. 3101