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  I certify that I am the owner or agent of the property address listen above and that I have and agreement or contract, written or oral, with the above-named person to reside in said property. I also certify and acknowledge that I am aware of Niles Codified Ordinance #149.10 and have read and reviewed the Utility Billing Policy which can be accessed on the City of Niles website.

  OWNER RESPONIBLE FOR ALL WATER/SEWER PAYMENT – As owner of the above named property I agree to be responsible for payments in full of any Utility service charges and any which are delinquent to the Niles utilities Department by my tenant / lessee, if authorized by the owner will pay for the service or services, and such owner not thereby be relived of the payment of any delinquencies that may occur

  DELINQUENT PAYMENT / UTILITY TURN OFF - When a UTILITY service bill has not been paid by the time specified on the bill, the said services shall be turned off after due notice. This service WILL NOT be turned on again until the total amount of all charges against the PAST DUE service has been paid in full, together with the added current TURN-OFF and TURN-ON-CHARGE(S).

  OWNER TO RECEIVE NOTICE OF TENANT NON-PAYMENT OF BILL - If said tenant / lessee shall fail to pay any UTILITY service bill for the service rendered when due, I am aware of Niles Codified Ordinance #149.10 which states the property owner will be billed and assume primary responsibility for payment for utility services as if he or she were the direct consumer of such utility services.

   OWNER NOTICE OF SALE OF PEROPERTY- I, or my agent of the above-named property owner, do further agree to notify the Utilities department of the City fo Niles, Ohio when the named property is sold or transferred to a new owner and agree to pay all unpaid final service charges.

  NO NEW SERVICE - The Niles Utilities department will not grant any additional service to said owner(s) at this, or any other address, if they have and outstanding delinquent Utility bill in the system. All bills shall be paid in full to obtain service(s).

  SERVICE LINES - Water and Sanitary lateral / service lines are the responsibility of the property owner.

  BACKFLOW PREVENTION - Water customers that require a backflow device to be installed on the water service line must comply with Niles Backflow prevention rules and laws. Annual inspection and surveys must be completed and returned to the City of Niles.

  ANNEXATION REQUIRED - Property Owners who are requesting water, sewer, or electric services from the City of Niles whose property is in-whole or in-part outside the city limits shall adhere to Niles Codified Ordinance #58-19, including the execution of any incentive agreements, in exchange for receiving utility services.

WAIVER - The failure of the City to insist upon strict adherence to any term of this Agreement on any occasion shall not be considered a waiver not shall it deprive such party of the right thereafter to insist upon strict adherence to that term or any term of this Agreement. Any waiver must be in writing signed by the waiving party.

Utility Agreement

   This Utility Agreement (the "Agreement") is made and entered into this day, by and between (hereinafter the "Landowner'') and the City of Niles, Ohio, an Ohio municipal corporation organized and existing under the Constitution and laws of the State of Ohio (hereinafter the "City"), under the circumstances summarized in the following recitals. RECITALS:
WHEREAS, Landowner owns or controls approximately +/- acres of land located on referred to herein as the "Property") which is currently not contiguous with the boundaries of the City; and
  WHEREAS, the Property would benefit from certain City services and utilities, including electric service and
  WHEREAS, the City can provide and hereby agrees to offer its electric service to the Property if the Property is annex into the City at such time as the Property is both contiguous to the City and at the time that the City determines that annexation is required; and
  WHEREAS the Parties agree that it is in their mutual interest during the process to enter into this Agreement for the development of the Property for the mutual benefit of Landowner and the City; and
  Now THEREFORE, in consideration of the covenants and agreements contained herein and on the reverse side of this agreement, Landowner and the City covenant and agree as follows:  
Section 1. Agreement to Annex for Utility Service The parties agree to the following provisions: a) In exchange for the agreement to annex the property when the property is contiguous to the City and when the City determines annexation is necessary, the City agrees to provide electric service to the property upon execution of this agreement;
b) City agrees that upon annexation the parcel(s) that receive, whether currently or in the future, any City owned utility service for water, light and sewer will be charged at the City's inside incentive rate applicable to all citizens of the City of Niles, as established by City Council through the Service Director and as may be changed from time to time;
c) Landowner agrees that once the property is contiguous with the City and after demand by the City to commence the annexation process the Landowner shall cooperate in every aspect to ensure that the annexation is completed (see reverse side for additional terms and conditions)

This form Must include to receive City of Niles Utility services the following

  • Copy of Closing Disclosure or Deed (for owner)
  • Copy of Tax ID or Number
  • Copy of City of Niles Notarized lease (for renter)
  • Completed Inspection by Niles Housing Office (if applicable)
  • Completed Application


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